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Canada’s Desolation Sound Launches Website

Victoria, BC, Canada – Product development firm Desolation Sound Systems Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of its new website, www.ds2i.ca. Developed by the Seattle-based marketing firm, 3dB Creative, the sleek new site employs intuitive navigation, a user-oriented design and easily shared content.

“We wanted the website to clearly present the various product development services we offer,” commented Desolation Sound’s Chris Jubien, “but left the logo creation, over-all design and functionality of the site to ’3dB.’ The whole process, from early drafts to approvals and then final versions, has been terrific. I feel like we got exactly what we needed.”

3dB Creative’s Dave Christenson added, “one thing we knew a design-based company always needs is a ‘home base’ for clients and collaborators. In addition to essential links and contact information, we included a secure, easy-to-use FTP facility allowing Desolation Sound to easily exchange files with anyone in their community. As it continues to develop, the website will become central to their work-flow as well as their brand identity.”

3dB Designs For White Box Engineering

Seattle, WA – Local design firm, 3dB Creative, has provided branding services, logo creation and an e-commerce website for White Box Engineering (WBE). The new Lynwood, WA-based company provides affordable, custom-made and bespoke speaker cabinets for electric guitar and bass amplifiers.

“We’re offering a unique concept that allows customers to literally design their own speaker cabinets on-line, see what they have created and order the end-result in a few simple steps,” explained WBE founder, Doug White. “We needed a website that would accommodate this process while looking inviting and easy-to-use. 3dB Creative delivered exactly that.”

“Doug gave us a very free hand with the design,” commented 3dB Creative’s Art Director, Thanh Le. “I was anxious to incorporate a number of new visual elements with ‘simplicity’ as the central theme. The logo design was completed first and then we keyed off that for the rest of the graphics. As a result, the overall site feels very solid and coherent.”

To visit the White Box Engineering website go to:  www.whiteboxeng.com

Audio Power Tools Launches New Website

Seattle, WA - Seattle area design house, 3dB Creative, has just launched a website for a new NY based pro audio sales rep called Audio Power Tools (APT). Built on a “no-imposters” philosophy, APT represents “upgrade” hardware products of exceptional value, reliability and utility. The firm also provides system design consultation and integration services with a similar, no-nonsense approach.

“You get tired of the same old claims surrounding every new product,” commented APT founder, Blue Wilding. “We act as a filter for dedicated pro users who just need the best tool for the task at hand and make it easier for them to try and buy them. We also work with key sales people at carefully chosen dealerships. We take a hard look at the “tried and tested” available products and separate value from name-hype and the authentic from the imitator.”

Wilding collaborated with 3dB Creative on the APT website’s iconic “microphone drill” image. “Blue wanted a metaphor for the essential utility found in the best pro-audio gear,” explained 3dB Creative principal, Dave Christenson. “He had the rough idea from the start but it took several revisions to flesh it out. Terrific end-result.”

Visit the Audio Power Tools website at:  www.audiopowertools.com

3dB Crafts New Website for Delicate Productions

Camarillo, CA – As part of an expanding marketing program, Delicate Productions, one of the nation’s leading full-service live sound, lighting and multimedia production companies, has launched a new website. The primary functions of the new site are to provide clients with easy access to critical information and become a communication hub for Delicate Productions’ growing community. The company’s rich legacy will also be highlighted on the site with articles, reviews and memorabilia from over 25 years of successful, world-class events.

The website and a new corporate logo was designed by Seattle-based 3dB Creative with account management by Elliott Communications and project direction by Delicate Production’s Jason Alt. “We wanted to present a unique aesthetic that complimented the no-nonsense, client-oriented nature of Delicate Productions’ approach,” commented Sara Elliott of Elliott Communications. “The completed site has an extremely fresh, straight-forward design with easy, user-oriented navigation. It reflects the sense of excitement in a Delicate Productions event while allowing users to find the information they need quickly. We’ll be adding considerably more archival information over the next few months so navigational efficiency was a key element for us.”

The Delicate Productions website was built in XHTML utilizing the Expression Engine™ content management system (CMS) and Java Script for improved performance on mobile internet devices. Contents of the site are easily shared via social media networks to enable viral promotions, encourage external links and aid in search engine optimization. An integrated eNewsletter and social media marketing campaign will be deployed to drive inbound traffic.

For more information on Delicate Productions, visit:  www.delicate.com

Mojave Audio Opens Wide With 3dB Creative

Burbank, CA – Mojave Audio’s microphones are designed by David Royer to deliver superior quality and value. They have already earned a stellar reputation among savvy musicians and engineers and are now looking for a wider audience. As such, the LA-based manufacturer has engaged Seattle’s 3dB Creative to produce a series of print and web advertisements to illustrate the “wide open” character of the product’s sound.

“In this case, Mojave’s Dusty Wakeman walked in with the initial concept,” explained 3dB Creative principal, Dave Christenson. “His idea for a visual representation of an audio quality was simply, perfect. We executed the idea as completely as possible while tying it into Mojave’s new website aesthetic (coming soon).”

Mojave’s dedication to providing high quality products at affordable prices has served them well. Their sales to remain strong despite a crowded market and troubled economy. The manufacturer, which began as a custom mic shop in Southern California, is now updating its look with a new logo and website while ratcheting up its marketing efforts. Several new print ads, web banners and informational events are currently in the works. Keep an eye open for a Mojave event near you.

3dB Creative Gets All Burly

Santa Cruz, CA – BURL Audio has engaged Seattle’s 3dB Creative to produce an ad campaign highlighting the industrial-strength nature of the manufacturer’s popular mic preamps and new converter products. The “Burly” campaign will debut in the October issue of professional audio trade magazines such as TapeOp.

“Our products are designed to be no-compromise, professional tools,” commented BURL’s Rich Williams.” 3db’s ads make this point clearly and directly. They cut to the chase, and we like that.”

BURL’s B2 Bomber analog-to-digital converters and digital-to-analog converters will be availbable starting in early October but only in limited numbers. The manufacturer and its nationwide network of dealers are now accepting advance orders for what will be a very popular line.

A 3dB Profile Video for Therapeutic Health Services

Seattle, WA – Therapeutic Health Services (THS) is a non-profit organization offering a wide range of holistic treatments and services for families afflicted by alcohol/substance abuse, mental illness or social issues. 3dB Creative recently completed the first in a series of promotional videos highlighting typical THS success stories.

“The intention is to show people what we do here and the positive effect of our work in the community,” exlpained THS director, Mark Buckley. “3dB accomplished this very well by working closely with our subject, Robert, understanding his story and the role we played in his life. Then they were able to translate that to the video medium in a compeling way. We’re very pleased with the result.”

The video was shot over the course of roughly three days with another week of assembly and editing. 3dB Principle, Dave Christenson commented, “this project was tricky because there was no high drama. In this case, the problems that THS addressed were chronic but subtle. We ended up going for a very calm, steady feel and that seemed to work well.”

The THS “Robert” Video can be seen here.

New Video Production Services

Video Production Optimized for Pro-Audio, Video and MI Brands

Seattle, WA – Media design house, 3dB Creative, today announced that it would begin providing corporate video production services tailored to the audio, video and MI industries by partnering with industry veteran Andrew Wild (right) as well as other accomplished video and graphic artists.

3dB Creative has earned a reputation for cutting edge print and online design. Now, with the New Year, founder Dave Christenson is again expanding the company’s offerings. “Over the last five years we’ve provided a wide range of design services but recently, a growing number of our clients have been asking us to do video production to help promote their products,” explained Christenson.

“To better meet this demand, we’ve partnered with LA-based, Andrew Wild, who has been producing videos for Euphonix, Avid and Solid State Logic since 2004 in both the USA and Europe. Andrew’s considerable experience in creating affordable, high-quality videos, will allow us to streamline and formalize our video services. His vision, combined with our creative team, will allow us to turn out effective, great looking videos on a tight budget.”

Andrew Wild is very familiar with 3dB Creative, “Dave and I have worked together in the past and have a great respect for each others talent’s so I think we will make a very strong creative team. Practically every company in the business is now looking at video as a way to generate extra revenue from sales, but there are very few production companies around that specialize in this market, or that can produce good quality video at the right price. Now is the right time to launch this service”.

3dB Creative will offer a number of affordable video packages to audio, video and MI companies as well as musicians, studios and other related businesses.

To view information on Comprehensive Video Production Packages, click here.