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A 3dB Profile Video for Therapeutic Health Services

Apr 05, 2013

Seattle, WA – Therapeutic Health Services (THS) is a non-profit organization offering a wide range of holistic treatments and services for families afflicted by alcohol/substance abuse, mental illness or social issues. 3dB Creative recently completed the first in a series of promotional videos highlighting typical THS success stories.

“The intention is to show people what we do here and the positive effect of our work in the community,” exlpained THS director, Mark Buckley. “3dB accomplished this very well by working closely with our subject, Robert, understanding his story and the role we played in his life. Then they were able to translate that to the video medium in a compeling way. We’re very pleased with the result.”

The video was shot over the course of roughly three days with another week of assembly and editing. 3dB Principle, Dave Christenson commented, “this project was tricky because there was no high drama. In this case, the problems that THS addressed were chronic but subtle. We ended up going for a very calm, steady feel and that seemed to work well.”

The THS “Robert” Video can be seen here.