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New Video Production Services

Jan 07, 2010

Video Production Optimized for Pro-Audio, Video and MI Brands

Seattle, WA – Media design house, 3dB Creative, today announced that it would begin providing corporate video production services tailored to the audio, video and MI industries by partnering with industry veteran Andrew Wild (right) as well as other accomplished video and graphic artists.

3dB Creative has earned a reputation for cutting edge print and online design. Now, with the New Year, founder Dave Christenson is again expanding the company’s offerings. “Over the last five years we’ve provided a wide range of design services but recently, a growing number of our clients have been asking us to do video production to help promote their products,” explained Christenson.

“To better meet this demand, we’ve partnered with LA-based, Andrew Wild, who has been producing videos for Euphonix, Avid and Solid State Logic since 2004 in both the USA and Europe. Andrew’s considerable experience in creating affordable, high-quality videos, will allow us to streamline and formalize our video services. His vision, combined with our creative team, will allow us to turn out effective, great looking videos on a tight budget.”

Andrew Wild is very familiar with 3dB Creative, “Dave and I have worked together in the past and have a great respect for each others talent’s so I think we will make a very strong creative team. Practically every company in the business is now looking at video as a way to generate extra revenue from sales, but there are very few production companies around that specialize in this market, or that can produce good quality video at the right price. Now is the right time to launch this service”.

3dB Creative will offer a number of affordable video packages to audio, video and MI companies as well as musicians, studios and other related businesses.

To view information on Comprehensive Video Production Packages, click here.